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Sirius Black Fest 2013 Reveals!

 Below you will find all the culprits the authors and artists responsible for making this year's Sirius Black Fest a resounding success. We'd like to thank all the participants and readers/commenters for their hard work. Thanks so much everyone!


The Storm Will Pass (Sirius/Regulus) G was drawn by akatnamedeaster
The Last Time (Sirius/Severus) G was drawn by nonki_studio
Selling Shampoo (Sirius) R was drawn by swtalmnd
Special Friends (Padfoot/Crookshanks) G was crafted and photographed by snapesgirl62
Sirius Black Art Nouveau (Sirius) G was drawn by primea


The Target Shooting Photograph (Sirius/Severus, mentions of others) was written by erinwood translated by emilywaters76
Stargate WS (Sirius/Stargate Cast) was written by midlagedfangirl
Walking the Monochrome WS(Sirius/Severus, James/Lily)was written by emilywaters76
What are Friends For? NWS (Sirius/Lily) was written by lrthunder
Mischief Managed WS (Sirius, Harry, Fred & George, Hermione, Ron, Remus.)was written by flaminia_x
Nothing New NWS (James/Sirius, Regulus, Mr and Mrs Black, and Mr and Mrs Potter) was written byjosephinestone
Hell, Sweet Hell NWS (Sirius/Severus) was written by sionna_raven
An Honour WS (Sirius/Hermione) was written by sirmioneforever
A Night to Remember (Sirius/James) NC-17 was written by torino10154
Repercussion (Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Various aurors) PG was written by unbroken_halo
Holding on for Tomorrow (Sirius/Severus) NC-17 was written by writcraft
Wrapped in Leather (Sirius/Harry) NC-17 was written by leontinabowie
Sweet Thing (Bellatrix/Sirius) NC-17 was written by gamma_x_orionis
Right Now and So Strong (Sirius/Harry) NWS was written by traintracks
Hate That I Want You (Bellatrix/Sirius) NWS was written by sirmioneforever
No Life At All (Snape/Lily, Snape/Sirius, Snape/Sirius/Remus, mention of James/Lily) NWS was written by emilywaters76
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