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Sirius Black Fest 2017: The Masterlist!

Sirius is an impatient bastard, we all know, and love him anyway. So he insisted that reveals just POST ALREADY! So here we are!


Sirius/Remus | It was the summer of 1976 | Artist: abyss_valkyrie

GEN/No Pairing

Sirius Black | That this is free love | Author: monkiainen | WC: 600
Sirius, Peter, James/Lily | A Time Before Our Separate Lives | Author: paopu_parachute | WC: 2800


Sirius/Hermione | A Moment Changes Everything | Author: articcat621 | WC: 1905
Sirius/Lily | The Kind of World Where We Belong | Author: [personal profile] shaggydogstail | WC: 21000
Sirius/Lily/James | Homebound | Author: maraudersaffair | WC: 1800


Sirius/Severus | Sirius Black (Expert Cocksucker & Gagging 4 It) | Author: maraudersaffair | WC: 10000

Sirius/Evan Rosier | Left Hanging | Author: snax0 / [ profile] humanveil | WC: 2700

Sirius/Harry | What do you do when you love someone | Author: [ profile] NachoDontDoThat | WC: 1623

Sirius/James | One Last Night | Author: redblonde7 | WC: 5300
Sirius/James | Don’t Stop Me Now (A Tragedy in Three Acts) | Author: writcraft | WC: 6500

Sirius/Lucius | Burying The Bone [DW] | Author: enchanted_jae | WC: 1356
Sirius/Regulus | tu me manques | Author: crazyparakiss | WC: 2750

Sirius/Remus | A Black Dog | Author: [personal profile] toyhto | WC: 2363
Sirius/Remus | Lonely Heart and Broken Shower | Author: [personal profile] toyhto | WC: 7300
Sirius/Remus | It doesn't matter | Author: pierrej92 | WC: 5660

Sirius/Charlie | his bad manners and his cold nose | Author: [personal profile] digthewriter | WC: 5700

I hope you guys enjoyed the fest. Your 2017 fest mod, digthewriter
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