siriusblk_mod (siriusblk_mod) wrote in sirius_black,

SB FEST: Siri Black’s Sad Sack Gay Pining Mix (sirius/remus)

Title: Siri Black’s Sad Sack Gay Pining Mix
Author/Artist: barry_manilows_wardrobe
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Rating: Teen
Word Count or Art Medium: 6500
Prompt #: 41
Summary: Siri Black (28): Femme co-owner of the Midtown bar The Black Shuck; TimeOut NYC’s “queen of aural sex for the New York bar scene”; 2020 Spotify award shortlist for “Most Played Playlist”
Remus Lupin (27): Owner of the RJL tattoo parlor (New York City); Inked Magazine’s “Top Five Hidden Gems for the ink collector”
Siri Black’s Famous Spotify Playlists [Followers: 908k]: the means by which Siri Black intends to woo Remus Lupin
JK Rowling: the villain of our story

(Siri Black’s Sad Sack Gay Pining Mix)
Tags: *fest 2020, author: barry_manilows_wardrobe, pairing: sirius/remus, rating: pg-13

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