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SB FEST: Rebel Rebel (sirius/remus)

Title: Rebel Rebel
Author/Artist: [ profile] tainara_black
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Sirius Black/Remus Lupin. Sirius Black/OFC.
Rating: Explicit
Word Count or Art Medium: ~5700
Prompt #: there was no war
Content/Spoiler: Highlight to read * sirius black is a bit lost, there was no war AU, but there was david bowie concerts, original trans female character, sirius fucks around a bit, alcohol and drugs, sex, mentions of AIDS in the 70s 80s, mentions of people dying of AIDS, homophobia, prince albert piercing, if you don’t know what it is I’ll explain: it’s a cock piercing, sirius has long hair, there’s fingering, rimming, anal sex, more blowjobs than I should be allowed to write, the blowjobs are not going to break your heart this time, friends to lovers*
Author Notes: First of all: trans women are women. <3
Warning: excessive use of Bowie’s lyrics (Rebel Rebel and Life on Mars). Title taken from Rebel Rebel for obvious reasons. A massive thank you to @ OllieMaye for the amazing beta work she did on this fic in such a short amount of time, and for hyping me about rare pairs and OCs, you are a blessing <3. And to J for the always there plot-discussion and our ad aeternum Sirius-crush. The magical street mentioned in a few scenes comes from [personal profile] writcraft 's Drarry fic Little Compton Street (One Rainy Night in Soho) . If you haven't read it, you most definitely should, because it is one of the best fics in the whole world. Though you don’t need a prior understanding of the magical street to read Rebel Rebel. The voice I used in this fic was unashamedly experimental and very influenced by Caio Fernando Abreu’s short stories (so, if you like gay writers that lived through dictatorships in very homophobic countries during the AIDS boom period, you should give Caio Fernando Abreu a try. He is Brazilian, not much of his work was translated, but he is definitely one of the best writers I’ve ever read).

Summary: Sirius has just turned twenty and life is changing around him, blossoming, like Remus wrote in his last letter. This is a story about life and exploration, about feeling lost and finding oneself in other people's bodies, about building love and community. This is a story about hope and sex and growing up. Or: There was no war, so Sirius Black goes to David Bowie's concerts, has lots of sex, falls in love and finds a path he would like to follow.

(Rebel Rebel)
Tags: *fest 2020, author: tainara_black, pairing: sirius/remus, rating: nc-17


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