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SB FEST: Numbers (sirius, gen)

Title: Numbers
Author/Artist: Rica (Wintermorning)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): No pairing but you can read Wolfstar in it if you want to!
Rating: G
Word Count or Art Medium: 2000
Prompt #: Regulus survives. Sirius is not in Azkaban and is raising Harry (alone or with a partner of your choice). Regulus keeps reaching out to Sirius to try to make things right, but Sirius doesn't want to hear it. What changes to make Sirius hear Regulus out and forgive him?
Content/Spoiler: Highlight to read *Sirius gets letters from Regulus and refuses to open them for over a month. When he finally reads one he can’t stop waiting for the next ones to arrive until the Black Brothers finally meet again to prevent a second dark war.*
Summary: In December 1981 Sirius reads letters from his younger brother and begins to wonder about the motivation of Regulus.

Tags: *fest 2020, author: wintermorning, pairing: gen, pairing: none, rating: g


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